My name’s Josh. My experience is in data science, analytics, programming, public policy, and marketing. You can view my up-to-date resume here.

After a hiatus, I’m back at school finishing my degree at the University of Waterloo in Science and Business. Initially to work on the provincial election campaign as a data scientist, and then to help Destination Ontario build its analytic/strategic capacity.

My academic focus has been on topics such as computational biology and econometrics.

I also moonlight as the tech lead for Democracy Kit, and as one of the co-founders of the Chalmers Cards project.

To get a sense on the things I’ve done, see the time line below (may not work on mobile):

Joined the Ontario Liberal Party as a data scientist, helped co-found Chalmers Cards, and began to assist facial recognition research at McGill University.

Became the tech lead for Democracy Kit and did a co-op in the government playing around with employment data

Shutdown BykMe and spent roughly a year at the Ontario Cabinet Office
Helped start BykMe, a peer to peer bike-sharing startup, and joined the Ontario Cabinet Office as a data analyst/digital strategist

Began studying at the University of Waterloo


Here are some of the things I am working on or have worked on recently. You can see more of my technical projects on my Github.

Description Picture
Developed git-status-size a custom git utility to track the file sizes of new repo changes and allow users to add files to their .gitignore.
Assisting a small cognitive science research team at McGill University with a study on human facial recognition to better understand Dual Process Theory.
Currently building a web demo of Google’s sg2im neural network to build photorealistic images from scene graphs using React.js and Flask.
Constructed a pipeline for analyzing social media marketing performance based on image features using object-detection and colour extraction. (Closed Source)
Built a poll aggregation model for the Ontario provincial election using state-space modeling with PyStan and Plotly. (Closed Source)
As part of Code Across Toronto 2018 I was part of a small team that built an experiment in participatory democracy for Toronto’s Parkdale neighbourhood.
Contributer to Timeliny a jQuery plugin for building interactive web timelines. I mainly contributed navigation features to the library.
Created a Flask web app to allow users to extract colour palettes contained within photos.
Helped launch Chalmers Cards a guerrilla project bringing information resources to people who live in unstable housing conditions.
Used open data from the city of Toronto to create an interactive map visualizing the city’s shelter locations and their capacity.
Technology development at Democracy Kit a non-profit providing educational resources and technology for candidates running for municipal office.
Built the first Python module for computing Chow Break tests to measure structural breaks in time series data.
Using Mapbox.js and a (now-deprecated) Job Bank API, allowed users to visualize the locations of employment opportunities posted to the federal job board.
Wrote a paper analyzing government marketing data to provide insights into how the Ontario Cabinet Office can better communicate public policy.
Co-founded BykMe a now defunct startup that aimed to bring peer-to-peer bike sharing to Kitchener-Waterloo.